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Fishing rods available to buy second hand - types.


Types of Fishing Rod


A fishing rod is obviously one of the essentials of the private fisherman but the types of rod available are diverse and it is important to choose a rod for the specific type of fishing that is required.

Firstly, the length of pole should be determined by how far the casting has to reach but will also be affected by the weight and size of fish intended to be caught as this will add factors of strength and "bendability" to be considered in the rod.

Nowadays lots of fishing rods are made of light-weight carbon fibre which helps anglers of lesser strength to cast more accurately. These rods are extremely durable. However these can vary enormously in price according to the specific quality and can get to be very expensive. There may well be several carbon fibre rods on this site advertised for sale second hand which can keep the price down, especially for anglers who are just starting.

Modern day fishing rods often come in several sections which now make rods more adaptable to changing the type of fishing involved, although careful thought must be given the strain as mentioned above and the type of line, etc. to be used.

Spinning rods and spinning reels are commonly used for catching game fish as in trout and salmon, as well as for pike and bass. These types of rod allow more flexibility due to the rotation in the rod available when playing an active fish.

If you have a second hand fishing rod for sale, or other used fishing tackle you wish to sell, place an advert for free!



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