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Fishing reels and how to choose the best reel for you.


Types of Fishing Reel to Choose From


Fishing reels come in an array of sizes and types and choosing the best reel for you depends on several things.

Firstly, are you a beginner? If so then probably it will be a good choice to go for a closed face fishing reel as this is the simplest form of reel to get to grips with. If you choose a more elaborate reel you may get frustrated with your inability to handle it well and fishing is supposed to be fun! The closed-faced reel is completely enclosed in a cover - helpful in not allowing dust and dirt to get in and affect the good running of the line. They have a button which is pressed before casting and released at a distance that will allow your bait to land hopefully in your desired spot. Easy to use and great for the amateur fisherman.

If you have a little more experience then an open faced reel may be worth choosing. It allows the fisherman to control the line, either by pressure from a finger or thumb, or by a lever which helps automate the process. The amount of drag if present can be helpful when fly fishing for larger fish that make a run for it.

Either way, these types of fishing reels will be defined by the types and weight of fish you are angling for. Freshwater beginners will probably be best with a lightweight graphite reel. If you're after heavier fish or doing some serious sea fishing, you will need a reel capable of dealing with the strength of line necessary to catch that fish! Saltwater and sea fishing will also need a stainless steel reel or a reel made of another material capable of resisting corrosion.

Always make sure to clean the line and reel thoroughly after use to extend its life, and store it carefully, separate from any other tackle objects that may cause it damage.

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