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Millions of people view the internet, this can result in offers from potential buyers from all over the globe. Advertisers on sites such as this have been approached by foreign "bogus buyers" - some examples of offers and e-mail addresses can be seen here. Any offer for an item for sale far in excess of the asking price is very often dubious and motivated by a profiteering ultimatum and should be ignored and not replied to.

Several articles have been in the press regarding dubious scams originating in Nigeria and so great care should be taken with any offer from this world region.

If the scam is a Yahoo or Hotmail account you can report the scam by e-mailing and enclosing the offending mail to: or This could result in the offender's account being closed and it will be hard for them to establish another one with the same provider.
Some other sites that might be worth exploring (USA based) are and

Remember very little ID is needed to open an e-mail account. Therefore, just take great care when communicating with a potential buyer or seller solely via e-mail even though the majority will be legitimate.

If an offer appears to be from a dubious source - it is best to use your common sense and not to reply to the e-mail and wait for a more creditable offer. By not replying to such e-mails it discourages any dubious buyers from using the site and also prevents the seller getting into lengthy unprofitable e-mail correspondence.

With regard to payment, the services offered by and (restricted to £500) are worth considering.

Telephone numbers and addresses can be cross referenced in the UK using (directory enquires ) and Also names and addresses in the UK can be compared using "people search" at

UK STD telephone codes and postcodes can be checked at ukphoneinfo.

The country and region of international numbers can be checked using

Finally, when encouraging replies via e-mail, please ensure that all computers that receive e-mails have an up to date anti-virus programme.

If you have any useful suggestions to add to this guide please contact us.


Please note as in the Terms and Conditions of the Site: " can accept no responsibility, legal or otherwise, for the origin and/or content of advertisements placed by an advertiser". "All transactions are between the buyer and the seller. will not be involved in any way". "Purchasers are advised to safeguard their interests with the seller direct in the course of transactions."



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