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Game fishing - adverts for salmon and trout fishing
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Salmon Fishing Tackle and Trout Fishing Gear For Sale

Classified adverts for game fishing tackle or any items related to salmon fishing or trout fishing. This includes second hand game fishing rods, reels and other gear and equipment for sale related to all game fishing. It's FREE to post an advert here as long as the content is from a private advertiser and for trout or salmon fishing tackle and game fishing equipment. Scroll down to see adverts.

Options for salmon fishing are usually fly lines or spinners, which can be also used from boats or in shore fishing. Trout is usually fly fished but can be lured with spinners or natural bait.



Apparently the record atlantic salmon caught in the UK stands at 64lb 0oz (29.029 kilo) by Miss G W Ballantine on the River Tay, Scotland in 1922!


KEY: combs = Kits & Cobos rods = Rods reels= Reels lines= Lines - Lures, Baits, Hooks, Etc misc= Bivvys, Clothing, Other
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